Association Map


This site give you to generate association map for evaluation of class work.
And this site tools are porting from Microsoft Excel version to this Web version. That Microsoft Excel version is original program developed by me and our team.
By the way, this tools are underconstructing now, you need to use as your own risk.

In this site, you can work next maps.
1)Normal map (Basic type of association map)
2)Category map

And, you are also available to operate of data input two methods.
Type A: data input by one word as one person (Usually, first usage is this type)
Type B: data input by in the block (After secondly, try it using your own saving data)

Association Map processing starts from here
Do you have Java environment? See Environment for good work

What is Association Map?
Environment for good work
Document for operation
Example of Association Map

Since 1995, Takashi Fujiki
Faculty of Education, Nagasaki University