The Bat Detector Workshop

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Updated on 26 July, 2011



The Bat Detector Workshop is a summer school classroom for 5th to 9th grade pupils held at Kitakyushu Science and Research Park.

The bat detector, Workshop material, is BD4066, which I wrote an article on Eleki-Jack magazine in 2007.
For brief description of BD4066 including schematic, see here.

2011 Workshop

The 2011 Workshop was held on 23rd and 24th, July. 9 pupils attended the Workshop on 23rd, and 10 on 24th.

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It’s her first experiment to use soldering iron.
Blue, gray,...
It’s her first experiment to see the color code, too.

He concentrates on soldering.

Ah, it’s interesting.

Veteran staff teaches soldering.

It’s the amazing ultrasonic world you’ve never heard before.

Lots of pipistrellus abramus!

I hope some pupils do his/her summer vacation study using BD4066.

2010 Workshop

picture picture picture picture picutre

2009 Workshop

2008 Workshop

2007 Workshop

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